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A Memorial to Sheila Farebrother

Elton John’s mother, Sheila Eileen Harris Dwight Farebrother (1925 - 2017) was the definition of a tragic hero.


And if it weren’t for the conspirators working for Elton John and David Furnish, everybody would know it.


In the fantasy musical Rocketman, she is portrayed as unfeeling, infantile, and hostile without legitimate cause.


In Elton’s memoir Me, Elton accuses her of being irrationally possessive of him and jealous of his boyfriends and husband.


And it appears that Elton’s latest stunt has been to accuse her of being “mildly homophobic.”


Now, history is threatening to consign her to the “petty villain” bin.


Was Sheila bitter towards Elton and David? Yes. But she had reason to be, and it had nothing to do with homophobia, possessive jealousy, or general dislike of motherhood.


Of course, it’s not a reason that Elton and David would care to make public. There were a lot of articles written about it, all of which have been buried under a shower of Rocketman and Me reviews.


On this website, I resurrect these articles so that you can see Sheila for who she really was and why she was so resentful towards the end.


I’ll start with the article below, which pretty much sums up the whole business, and then go into greater depth.


There will also be times when I cite passages from Me. I give the page numbers, so you can double-check if you're skeptical.

As to why I disabled the comments: I have a feeling that most prospective commenters on this website are not interested in discussing my findings like mature adults. I apologize in advance to all exceptions—I hope you understand.

The the thing that started it all:

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